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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Philippine Volcanoes

After the stellar performance of our football players in the international scene. Another team from the Philippines will surely make us proud. It is the Philippine Volcanoes composed of Pinoy Rugby Players.

Last November 3, was a history for our country when Philippine Volcanoes qualifies to the 2013 Rugby World Cup of Seven after defeating the team from South Korea.

Due to the explosive performance of the team this year, the team qualifies for the tournament, first time in the history of the Philippines.

The Rugby World Cup will be held in June of 2013 in Moscow, Russia. Something to look forward in Sports.

2013 Palarong Pambasa

The next host for Palarong Pambansa will be Negros Oriental. This was signified in a letter last November 9, 2012 addressed to Gov. Ragay Degamo by Secretary of DepEd Armin Luistro after the evaluation made by the Philippine Sports Committee and officials of DepEd.

Monday, May 30, 2011

batista ( interview) what makes him filipino at heart sports

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boxing Shoes - What a Buyer Should Look For

The most essential thing you want to find when shopping for boxing shoes is comfort. Consider all of the dancing and jumping about that comes along with the boxing sport as well as working out, and you will understand just why it is so important that the shoes you pick won�t hurt your feet. They also need to contain adequate padding and not be too rigid. Everyone has different needs personally as far as what their feet require, so be sure to do some research and use your own instincts. Other requirements are safety, traction, and ventilation. 

Boxing shoes should be checked for support straps and shock absorption. This is a very important part of your safety check. Look for a mid-sole that acts as a shock absorber as many shoes will have them. These prevent your joints from being shocked as well as adding more comfort. Some of the better shoes will have support straps located on the arch. The straps supply more cushion while reducing slippage. 

Be sure to find boxing shoes that have plenty of ventilation for your feet. These usually come in the form of little mesh windows surrounding each shoe and allow your feet to breathe properly during a workout or boxing session. If you have wet shoes after working out, this tells you that your feet are suffocating. It is important that your shoes have proper cooling. 

Another choice you will be faced with is whether you want your shoes to be high or low top. It really is not that important unless you are a kick boxer. A kick boxer will need to select shoes with high tops so the ankles and shins are protected. 

Last, but not least, be sure that the traction is sufficient. This is very important considering all the moves executed while wearing boxing shoes. You need shoes that have rubber soles and an anti-slip pattern on them. You are guaranteed not to sleep while working out or boxing.

by Dave Toub.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream careers made easy with sports scholarships by Conrad Burt

In today’s world, you can make a fantastic career with the right decisions. There are many interesting career choices out there that you can consider and pursue depending on your interest. Having a career related to sports is one of those few things that many people want. Pursuing a sports career was difficult in the past as there were few avenues that would offer aspiring sportsmen with good opportunities. Also, the cost of pursuing such a career choice isn’t less and that deterred many talented professionals. However, now all these problems have been avoided with the help of sports scholarships that can be used to live that career of your dreams. 

The way in which you can get to live that sporting career of your desire is by getting enrolled in a college with a sports scholarship. This can happen if the right talent seekers find you and that can be facilitated by special agencies that help sporting career aspirants. Studying in college and working hard for that sporting career will not be easy if you don’t have financial backup. This is where you will be able to get options like athletic scholarships to help you out. These agencies are connected to several sporting talent hunters and companies that support budding sportsmen. Thus, these agencies will be able to give you the golden ticket towards your ideal career. 

The procedure that you can normally follow with these scholarship offering agencies is that you can submit an application stating your general information. Then these agencies will take that information and contact coaches who will be able to channel your budding talent and help you get that sporting finesse. Then you will be able to get your financial aid like football scholarships if you are interested in making it big as a football star. The best incentive that you can get with these solutions is that you will be able to get in touch with several talented coaches and mentors who will be able to guide as your sports scholarships support your financial needs. 

These athletic scholarships can be used for a wide range of sporting areas like American football, baseball, basketball, bowling, fencing, golf, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, etc. It will be easier for you to focus on your sporting skills in college when baseball scholarships take care of all your expenses and financial needs. With sound finances on your side, you will be able to concentrate on improving your game and honing your talents. 

Everyone isn’t really blessed with a great talent for a fine sport and that is why such talented individuals should be encouraged to follow their talents and get a fantastic career. Good sporting talent should get the right recognition at the right stage of life and financial assistance also should be offered to help them take the right course. With the help of sports scholarships, you can be assured of the fact that you will be able to get on that career path that will lead you towards the ultimate sporting glory.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Running Make People So Different

Many runners may be puzzled about how to make running performance be the best. In fact, running is not so hard thing, they just like work, you need to be skilled and try more new ways. We would introduce 8 best running tips for you in this article.

The time of running should be controlled by self healthy conditions. But a principle is that you would better run more than 30 minutes at one time, do it every day is better, but when some emergency difficulties come, you may exercise once two days. Do not exercise more than two days will make little effect. If you get enough time, dusk is good for healthy, exercising every morning hungry is not scientific. You would better run before have supper, remember do not do exercise after dinner.
Long-term running can make legs slim and strong. Jogging to lose weight is to uphold the long-term exercise conditions. Each continuous run time can not be less than 40 minutes, every day is better.
For jogging, the uniform speed is better, that started more slowly, and then slowly speed the running speed to the second half to maintain uniform. This can save up the time on exercising. The maximum speed should be accord to runner's healthy level. Great arm swing is usually in fast running, for jogging, arm just play a balancing role, and do not deliberately consider that.
If you want to participate in the marathon, it is recommended to participate in amateur training, or get a sport teacher to guide for you. Pay attention on the basis at the beginning of training. Long time is better, about 70 to 90 minutes every time, first is to complete that, do not worry about the speed, Uninterrupted as long as you can. Improve the running speed is the direction of post-training phase.
When it is serious pollution, do not exercise outside, you may go to the exercise cub, if financial is not so good. However, if no conditions can take a thin mask, will be the beginning of respiratory discomfort, adhere to the habit of just fine.
Some women have special body condition. Female menstrual period is usually mild activities. Some women can adhere to the run, but the best of halving the amount of exercise, should rest on the second day of menstruation.
Strengthen the power of running as much as possible. With enough durance bases, the easiest way is mountain running. Regular exercise do great to daily running, make better running performance. Mountain runners can not only increase thigh strength, enhance coordination of legs, but also enhance the coordination of the brain. A greater role in aged runners. Researches indicate that bone density of elder runners is more than those who did not participate in the training.
First of all, you do not have to do training in the mountains very steep. Ideal of the mountain run, a quarter-mile length of its mountain, not so steep.
Get one pair of most suitable running shoes. When are you going to start running exercise, one important thing is to understand their own feet, and then buy a pair of line with the characteristics of their feet running shoes. Only in the condition that you get comfortable shoes, you can stick to running and avoid injuries. The top running shoes brand can be Nike, Asics, and New Balance.

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Author: Steve Clis

Martial Arts And How It Can Benefit Your Child by Melissa Adamson

The children nowadays are prone to various attitude problems. This is why parents enroll their kids in after school pick up programs to hone skills and develop their kids' personality. 

One of the most popular after school pick up programs are martial arts classes. Martial arts are known to help kids handle conflicts inside themselves, as well as conflicts that they may face when they are outside their homes. Various martial arts techniques such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Wrestling also teach kids respect for others by first teaching them to respect themselves. It also teaches self-control, self-discipline, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility. 

It is notable to stress that one of the most important benefit children get from martial arts training is that they generally become more disciplined from the unique formalities of martial arts classes. This is one difference that this type of lesson offer compared with types of sports. No matter what their social economic backgrounds are, children with problematic attitudes behave well as a result of taking classes a few times per week. 

Parents are very happy to see how their seemingly problematic children come out of pick up programs smiling and positively interacting with other kids. Some children even show rising grades after continuous martial arts session. 

How do all of these happen? Choosing a martial arts school is of course a very important factor. The environment in which your child will learn new things certainly affect how his outlook in life changes. There are a lot of dojos and school around Tampa and Carrollwood but be wary on making your choices. Choose a school that offers many forms of martial arts techniques. It has a positive effect on the kids if they are made to decide what pick up program to enroll in, whether it is MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, etc. 

Instructors also play an important role in molding students. Instructors who care enough to sit and talk beyond the kickboxing or wrestling sessions reach the mind, heart, and soul of their students. Some trainors also include accomplishing schoolwork requirements in their pick up programs. This strengthens the bonding of the martial arts students and make them more active when training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. 

Indeed, martial arts has so many benefits in the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspect of one's life. It is not hard to understand why it has become a popular activity for the children, youth, and adults. Just keep in mind though that not all programs will produce all of the benefits mentioned in this article. As we have said, it all depends on the teacher and the school. Martial arts programs that are limited to teaching combat fighting techniques may not result in the desired mental, emotional, and social transformation we hope for. Give yourself enough time when searching for a school. Choose one that will give your kids the most number of benefits at the least possible price. 

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